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Tania Ghyselinck

Artist Consultant

Welcome to !

Some of you might already know me from “the field”. Let’s get reacquainted!

After a few decades being of service to different kinds of creative souls and their authors rights at Sabam, I consider the time is right to provide you with personalised consultancy on a self employed basis.

Working on artistic paths myself, I see it as a privilege to continue to assist you on your way to what your creation deserves.
Whether you are active as a composer, lyricist, sculptor, photographer, journalist, poet, comedian, filmdirector, screenwriter, author of books, theatre, actor, singer, any other content creator or several at the same time, it’s not always easy to find your way on the map of “Lalaland” and different organisations as islands to go with it.
In need of some personal guidance? Some kind of “Lala-compass”?
You can count on me to provide you with the directions you might need.

In your searches, I will be glad to try and help you out.  The first step?

Send an email to Introduce yourself in a few lines as well as your projects (in the making or finalised) and your needs as an artist. Together we can explore custom made possibilities.

Here are some of the current services can provide, based on  working-experience in the heart of creative industry.

First aid kit when lost in Lalaland

PR & Press assistance

Guidance in seeking various forms of cultural support

Assistance in social media

Redaction and editing of promotional texts in different languages

Support administration 
& Intermediary
to interest groups and authors-/neighbouring rights organisations

of your choice 

"ArtistCongratz, a young dynamic consultancy agency with a driven manager offers the way to personal consultancy for artists. I am customer."

Dr.Françoise Vanhecke-polyvalent performer

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Congratz creators, you have made something of your own!

While ArtistCongratz, the blog, zooms in on the creative process of (inter)national artists -with sneak peeks behind the scenes of our Belgian talent going global- AC 2.0 takes it one step further. Teaming up with you throughout the journey of what you have created. 

This is where ArtistConsults comes in.


Artists, administration and selfpromotion aren’t always a match made in heaven. 

In need of guidance or help to try to obtain what your creation deserves?

Consult us to check if we can be of any assistance.


In the process, broaden your horizons and meet like-minded creatives

Stay posted about initiatives which could facilitate you networking.


The blog that started this story to be continued. 

Check our posts and stories on the site and our social media. 


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